Watch a Tech Drill Right into a Full Fuel Tank and Begin a Huge Fireplace

The setup is one thing out of a Jackass skit. A fourth-generation Ford Explorer is on a carry at what seems like a fundamental service and lube store. Beneath the automobile is the technician utilizing a cordless drill to puncture the fuel tank, with an O’Reilly’s auto components bucket perched on a two cardboard bins and a few type of plastic stand beneath the automobile to seize the gas. The seize system by itself is extremely harmful. A big bucket of gasoline on an unstable perch might spill simply and ignite. Sadly, the tech didn’t get that far.

It’s unclear if the individual recording the video can also be a tech on the store, however he says one thing regarding on the very starting of the clip. “Day 2 of drilling right into a fuel tank.” This means that its been executed earlier than, or its a joke about how lengthy it took to totally penetrate the tank. It solely takes one other second or two of video for the worst potential factor to occur. The tech breaks by means of the tank, and gasoline begins spilling. In one other instantaneous, all the things is engulfed in flames. 

My finest guess on the ignition supply is the cordless drill. Trendy fuel tanks are typically a plastic composite and wouldn’t trigger sparks by itself. Static electrical energy generally is a supply, however if you happen to look carefully at an influence drill underneath operation, it generates its personal sparks within the electrical motor, normally seen when the drill involves a sudden cease. As soon as the gas flowed out, the tech abruptly stopped the drill, inflicting sparks that might have ignited the tank of gas.

And it seems just like the tank had an inexpensive quantity of gas in it. Because the gas flowed out, it continued igniting, inflicting a large hearth. The tech tried to place it out by transferring the bucket and utilizing a fireplace extinguisher to no avail. The ultimate shot within the video is of the store in flames.

This shouldn’t be a lesson to anybody. Simply don’t do that. 

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