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Today you are going to learn how to save Whatsapp status story, because there is no option to save status story in official Whatsapp.

You think I am joking right, because everyone already knows how to save whatsapp status story using third party apps like whatsapp story saver which was available in the playstore. Here is the link for it Story saver for Whatsapp

And another well known method is by installing GB WhatsApp, which was a modified version of WhatsApp that won’t be available in the playstore. In this method GB WhatsApp replaces the official WhatsApp. So, you can’t get regualr updates like the official WhatsApp.

This is an illegal application that violates Google play store policies.So, there can be chance of malicious virus attack to your smartphone. If you want to know the full features of GB WhatsApp kindly let me know in the comments section, so I can cover those things in my next post.

How to save WhatsApp story starts without any other app:

Here is the method to save WhatsApp story status that won’t require any other third party applications like above methods.


1. Official WhatsApp

2. File manager ( which will be already available in your smartphone) but it must have the feature of showing hidden files. Almost every smartphone file manager has this feature. But if you don’t have means, kindly download any other file manager from playstore. Suggested app: ES file manager

Follow the below steps to download save WhatsApp status stories :

1. Open WhatsApp status and watch your friends or other’s WhatsApp status of whom you want to download it to your phone.

Note: image or video you are going to save must be fully loaded.

2. Now open file manager check whether you had enabled show hidden files option in your file manager.

Save WhatsApp story

3. Navigate to your WhatsApp folder, then go in to media folder. Here you can see . statuses folder like below screenshot.

Save WhatsApp story

4.there you can find all of your watched WhatsApp status stories.

5. Copy the automatically saved video or image file to any other folder in your phone. Because it won’t be available there for more than 24 hours.

That’s it guys you can now enjoy the WhatsApp status video or image anytime without the internet.

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