MAGA snowflakes triggered by Pink Floyd’s new brand

Conservative homophobes are gnashing their enamel over Pink Floyd’s new brand commemorating The Darkish Facet of the Moon‘s fiftieth anniversary. Why? The colours remind them of the homosexual satisfaction flag, which upsets their delicate boomer bigotry.

Seemingly unaware that the unique album artwork for The Darkish Facet of the Moon additionally featured the colours of the rainbow, delicate gay-haters flocked to social media to broadcast their displeasure, threaten a boycott, and demand that the band be canceled.

“Lose the rainbow, you make your self look silly!” exclaimed Wild Invoice.

“What’s that pink Floyd what a shame,” ejaculated Michael Donavan.

“After seeing this brand I can’t purchase the reissue,” pouted Teet Hiob.

“are you going woke with rainbows, is there a straight flag. I need equal illustration, do not get me improper, we should always all be true to who we’re Peace” expressed David Tupman, apparently sad that straight individuals are not given sufficient illustration in society.

“Simply one other band pandering. Thier fame and wonderful soul altering music cannot save them from being within the ‘woke’ crowd. Unsubscribe,” lamented Steve Chandler Jr.

These querulous gents apparently took “We do not want no training” as life recommendation.

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