Iphone X engineer got fired by Apple due to his innocent daughter’s hands on review went viral on Youtube. This video was posted on youtube last week before the official release of the phone. A youtube vlogger named Brooke Amelia Peterson got her hands on a brand new iphone X last week. She got the phone directly from her father, an engineer who worked at apple.

This video was even shot from within Apple’s cafeteria, and showcased a number of features of the new iphone. Brooke Amelia Peterson love to be a youtuber. Her channel doesn’t have any subscribers. She just uploaded it for fun, but that video made her Father lose his job. This video went viral because of the 9to5Mac website who included the video on their post.

The reason behind Iphone X Engineer got fired:

you can be confused why Apple has fired her Father when there are already a lot of iphone x reviews posted on the Youtube. Though Apples’s new iphone X is already available for pre-order, and apple even held an event where media was able to use it and shoot video. This is because video from Peterson was a rare, candid look into an unreleased Apple device from within Apple’s own staff.

The video includes that Peterson father Ken Bauer, is seen in the video using Apple Payon the Iphone X. He hands the phone to his daughter, and she walks through various features. Apple doesn’t want its staff casually showing off unreleased products in unauthorized Youtube videos.

Heres that video for you:

You can clearly see that the video was taken on September 15 2017 which she put it on the beginning of the video. After this video went viral her daughter got fired by Apple for violating the rules. Even this news also known to us by seeing her another video on her channel which she said that her father was dismissed from Apple because of her Iphoe X. After the request from apple she even removed that iphone x review from her channel. But somehow it was again spreading in Youtube by some other youtube channel.

In the end of the video she does even cry and said ” At the end of the day, when you work for Apple, it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are. If you break a rule, they just have no tolerance.”

Here’s that video which she said about her father’s dismissal:

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