Floating video player is a feature many of us have been waiting for it to be included to their smartphones. This feature can be called as Picture in Picture mode (PIP). With this feature multi tasking become more easy and comfortable.

Google also officially confirmed that the next Android version “ANDROID O” will include this feature. Just like on your computer you can do some other work while watching video in one tab.

Floating video mode on Facebook and Ucbrowser:

Facebook is the second most popular place where people watch videos. The number one spot is held by YouTube. This is a fact Facebook is well aware of and it constantly pushes video content to users.

There’s also a neat picture in picture mode for videos on Facebook that lets you ‘minimize’ a video to a small corner of your screen and continue scrolling your feed. The video will continue to play, with sound. YouTube has this exact same thing. Here’s how you can enter picture in picture mode for videos on Facebook.

To watch videos on floating window, first you need to play a video on facebook. Then click button square within a square on top left of the screen. This will will bring floating video screen. Now you can watch video while scrolling news feeds in Facebook. You can even switch to another app while playing the video.

FB-floating video



Ucbrowser also introduced PIP mode while playing video. Please find the below screenshots to enjoy this feature. You can increase the size of the floating window by draging at the bottom right. You can search in the internet and explore things while playing video in floating window.


Floating video mode

There are also many applications like Awesome pop-up video on playstore. You can install them to watch your locally stored videos on your device in the Picture in Picture mode.

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