Downloading torrent file is punishable as an offense under the laws of India, which can even put you in a jail for 3 years and also fine up to Rs. 3,00,000.

So, always use VPN softwares to hide your IP address before start to downloading any torrent file.

Requirements to download movies using torrent:

1.Torrent file.

2. Torrent client like utorrent or bit torrent available in play store.

3. Active Internet connection šŸ™‚


1.First you need to download and install any torrent client app or software to download the movie from torrent file.

2.Download desired torrent file using There are so many websites to download torrent but this website serves as a torrent search engine to access those websites.

download movies

3.Search for your movie in the search bar. Lets say i am searching Fate of the furious movie.

Download movies

4.Before selecting the file the very important step is to see peers section of the torrent. Higher peers means highest download speed. Lowest means low download speed. Peers are the person who sharing the file with you by downloading the file from the network.

Selecting torrent website

5.Now you need to select the website to download torrent. Always use ,if it is not available, you can select any other website. After that very first step was to see the count of both seeders and leachers. SeedersĀ are the person who have already downloaded the file and are currently uploading them. LeecherĀ is any peer that does not have entire file and is downloading the file.

6.Now you must select MAGNET DOWNLOAD.Ā This will automatically open the torrent client app or software in your PC or mobile.

Download movies using torrent

7.Select your download location and click add. That’s it your movie file is downloading. If your download speed is low, you can increase it by going to settings and increase the incoming port to above 40000.

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