You saw lot of conversations memes are shared in the social network,that are normally be like two person chatting on particular topic.

Usually these memes are made with screenshots of whatsapp and messenger chats.

Do you think these conversations are really happened between those two persons ?

No, it can’t be possible all the time. So how those memes are created ? Here is the simple trick that can explain everything.

How to create conversation memes:

conversation memes

Conveo: Fake Chats an Android app which allows you to have fake conversations. You control both sides of the conversation in a fake chat.

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Conveo let’s you create highly realistic yet fake Calls/ Messenger chats /What’s app chats/ Tweets / Fb News Feed /Notifications. You can use conveo to prank your friends, lie to your parents/friends or hide your previous lies, you can create memes of fake chats or just boast off fake chatting your favorite celebrity.

No one will be able to differentiate between real and Conveo’s fake chats. You can rest assured that you won’t get caught.

If you are looking for fake call app then download Conveo because its fake call is the most realistic fake calling screen with a lot of options.

You can also create fake Tweets about favorite celebrities or friends. You can also do the same with fake news feed. Conveo’s fake Tweets and news feed looks so real that you can match it with the real apps and would feel no difference.

This app can only be used for fun, pranks and conversation memes.

Here is the download link for the app in Playstore – Conveo:Fake Chats

Here is the download link for the apk – Conveo:Fake chats

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