After rollout in number of European countries and Asian countries finally Facebook announced the availability of its messenger Lite app for Indian users. The app is basically a lighter version of the popular messaging application.

Messenger lite


  • Messenger Lite takes very less space on your phone
  • It is optimised to work on slow Internet connection
  • Not available for iPhone users

The app targets users in countries where network issues are persistent problems and in emerging markets, where internet speed is low and users generally have limited data to spend. This app is just 5.24 Mb in size, and has been tweaked to work well on low end Android devices with ease.

Messenger Lite Features:

  • Quicker Reload: Faster reload time without cutting down on major features of the Messenger app like receiving text, photos, links and emojis.
  • Faster installation: Due to small size and minimal storage occupation, the app installs quickly.
  • Minimal data usage: The app uses lesser data.
  • Network adaptation: Messenger Lite can work seamlessly even on 2G network and in areas with unstable network connection.
  • Wide support for android devices: The app can be used on almost any low end android device, even those running Android Gingerbread.

Download Facebook Messenger Lite (Free)


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