Best Music Systems for Home in India

The love for music is universal. There are many music systems which offer great sound effects and increases the feel of the music. In this article we have mentioned few best music system for home India. Choose the best quality system for better experience. Pioneer XEM 26 – Pioneer is known for the best music […]

Smart Homes Take Over The World

Smart homes are the next big thing. You may not realize it yet, but somewhere your day will be easier because of it. Smart home technology is not only impacting the houses its installed into. Its reach stretches to other industries like business, science and even health care. Here is an infographic detailing the numbers […]

Technology Companies

If you keep track of these things, you’ll note that the list of the world’s top 10 technology companies continues to be dominated by American names. Then again, you’ll note that two of the names on the list are Chinese and that the second company on the list is Korean. The names on this roundup […]

Kids (Who Use Tech) Seem to Be All Right

Social media is linked to depression—or not. First-person shooter video games are good for cognition—or they encourage violence. Young people are either more connected—or more isolated than ever. Such are the conflicting messages about the effects of technology on children’s well-being. Negative findings receive far more attention and have fueled panic among parents and educators. […]